Amphibian Stop Channel

Amphibian Stop ChannelWildlife guide wall systems along roads are often interrupted by side roads and drives. Special solutions are then required to ensure that the barrier effect is continuous and uninterrupted: use a stop channel. ACO Stop channels work in two ways: as a tunnel to guide animals along the guide wall, and as a grating which has such a wide mesh that small animals may drop safely through into the channel, instead of wandering out onto the main road. The special shape of the Stop channel grating prevents small animals from crossing the channel. All of the load-bearing bars are recessed.

Stop Channel in a Side Road, Steep Gradient

Stop Channel in a Side Road, Steep Gradient

Installation in Every Topographic Situation

The stop channel is rugged and withstands heavy loads. The grating resists a test load of 400 kN. Installation is even possible in roads with steep gradients. The adjacent road surfacings can be made of asphalt, concrete, paving stones or gravel. The cast iron frames protect all the concrete parts of the channel which come into contact with vehicles.

Cast Iron Gratings and Cast Iron Frames

The visible surfaces of Stop channels are completely made of cast iron. The gratings are bolted onto the channel body, providing highly effective protection against vandalism. Cast iron is an excellent material to guarantee long lifetimes. And because all the exposed edges are rounded, the risk of injuring amphibians is kept to a minimum. Cast iron turns a rust-red colour over time – merging in nicely with the natural surroundings.

Installation in a Gravel Path

Special Solutions

With a length of 1000 mm, the stop channels can be very flexibly installed whatever the length of channel required. However, special solutions are sometimes needed, e.g. when installed directly adjacent to a tunnel under a wall. The function required to protect the animals is guaranteed at the same time as maintaining an attractive appearance for the owner of the property. Sheep and cows can cross the Stop channel unhindered by temporarily covering it with rubber mats.

Special solution: separate water drainage

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