Tree Protection Fencing

Legacy Habitat Management Ltd supply and install tree protection fencing on construction, development or other sites where it is of paramount importance to ensure that veteran trees, or trees with current tree preservation orders are protected from construction traffic and plant operations.

Tree protection fencing can be installed at your required site anywhere in the UK and then fencing materials can be sold or hired for the period for which they are in situ. Legacy Habitat Management have the expertise to install complete tree protection fencing installations to ensure the safety of any aged trees that qualify for protection. This provides contractors with the confidence to complete their works without risking damage to preserved trees.

Legacy Habitat Management will install tree protection fencing to British Standards BS5837 which lays out the recommended structural components and fence placements for effective protection.

Tree Protection Fencing Background

Where trees with preservation orders exist on sites where development work or construction work is to take place, a contractor must put measures in place to ensure that works do not interfere with or cause damage to any part of a protected tree or trees.

Tree protection fencing can be erected around protected trees to serve as either the creation of a safe exclusion zone around the tree, or as a physical robust barrier to prevent accidental collision with the protected tree. Many on-site activities or operations can cause severe damage to trees such as exposure of wood tissue, crushing of roots, damage to roots through excavations, broken limbs through collision with machinery, chemical spillages etc. All of these situations must be considered when planning a tree protection fencing installation.

Tree protection fencing is only necessary whilst works are being conducted in the vicinity of a protected tree that are considered to present a risk to the integrity of the tree. Once these works are complete, the tree protection fencing can be removed.

Tree protection fencing can also be used to provide a physical barrier or exclusion zone around invasive species such as Japanese knotweed where contact with machinery or site traffic can risk spreading the rhizomes of the plant by breaking its structure in to fragments.

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