Otter Fencing

Legacy Habitat Management can offer installation of Otter Fencing systems for road schemes, fisheries and other development projects. We can provide a complete service from system design, supply of materials and installation.

Legacy Habitat Management works closely with developers and ecological consultants to ensure that otter fencing installations are correctly sited and the best products are used for construction. All netting materials used are compliant with Highways Agency specifications.

Legacy Habitat Management also have a wealth of experience in working close to water bodies and employing suitable safe methods of working for such environments.

Otter Fencing Background

Otters (Lutra lutra) are afforded protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010. It is an offence to deliberately , capture, injure or kill otters, or to damage, destroy or obstruct their breeding or resting habitat. The good news is that otters have seen some increase in numbers, due to improvements in water quality and the reduction in levels of toxic pesticides.

As the presence of otters on a potential development site could be the reason for planning permission refusal, Legacy Habitat Management can help provide otter fencing installations alongside other measures to protect any resident otter populations.

Otter Fencing

Otter fencing consists of a tall wire mesh netting attached to post & rail, post & wire or similar fence supporting structure depending on site conditions and budget. Netting will be partially buried in the ground with a horizontal underlap to guard against digging. An angled top return will also be created at the top of the netting with the use of our Caudon® Angled Top Return Brackets to deter otters from breaching the fence over the top.

All netting products used are designed to withstand an otters aggressive digging habits and conform to Highways Agency specifications.

The badger fencing wire mesh should also be installed with a buried horizontal return to prevent badgers from burrowing under the badger fencing.

Otter Fencing Mitigation

An otter mitigation project may also include the construction of an artificial otter holt to provide alternative habitat for an otter population. Legacy Habitat Management can help with the design, construction and supply of custom built otter holts to meet the conditions of an otter mitigation licence.

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