Stump Removal & Stump Grinding

Legacy Habitat Management Ltd have a range of equipment at their disposal to carry out the removal, or grinding down of tree stumps after tree felling works.

Traditional tree felling techniques, whether on individual trees by chainsaw or whole Tree Felling of sites using tree shears, generally leaves the tree stumps in the ground. In some environments, stumps can be left in place, but where development or access is necessary, stumps may have to be removed, or be ground down so as not to cause an obstruction.

Stump Removal

For complete removal of tree stumps, Legacy Habitat Management can excavate the whole tree root ball where access and ground conditions allow. Our experienced excavator operators are fully conversant with safe working practices and all hold valid operators tickets.

Reinstatement of any excavations will be made to return ground conditions to fit in with surrounding ground profile. Removed stump material can be removed from site or processed into chip on site using a tub grinder.

Stump Grinding

The easiest and most cost effective method of processing a residual stump after tree removal is to grind the stump down to ground level. Our excavator mounted Predator stump grinder is quick and efficient at reducing any above ground portion of a tree stump to wood chip that can then be removed or left to mulch into the ground. Being excavator mounted allows for access into difficult to reach areas.

Depending on the tree type, some follow-up treatment may be necessary. This can involve spray treatment of any regrowth from the stump, drilling and plugging with herbicide inserts or injection of herbicide liquid. Tree types not requiring such treatment can simply be left with only the below ground part of the stump remaining.

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