Forestry Mulching

Legacy Habitat Management can undertake site clearance of trees scrub and other vegetation using its AHWI M700 forestry mulcher mounted on a Fendt 900 series tractor. With this equipment we are able to mulch trees of up to 40cm diameter either standing or previously felled. The mulcher Is particularly effective in getting rid of awkward material such as hawthorn or blackthorn which presents problems when trying to chip in the traditional manner. The Fendt is fitted with reverse drive position to allow the operator to efficiently and safely drive the tractor mulcher first into the target vegetation. Our tractor operators are CPCS certified, allowing us to undertake work on construction/civils sites.

Mulching is a cost effective and sustainable way of removal of unwanted vegetation on development sites. In-situ mulching allows for the arisings to be incorporated into the topsoil. This removes the need for costly offsite disposal of organic waste. Where offsite disposal is required, this can easily be accommodated by mulching of cut material in windrows, the arisings can then be removed from site for green waste composting or other uses.

This equipment can also be used in the disposal of tree roots. Again, depending on the site specific requirement these can be mulched down into the exiting topsoil or mulched in windrows for later removal from site for green waste composting, but without the costly surcharges often associated with tree roots.


Power line clearance, plantation re-cultivation, firebreak creation, tree thinning removal, site clearance on mixed sites where there is a combination of trees, woody scrub light scrub such as bramble and other herbaceous vegetation. Clearance of right of ways for pipeline and cable routes.


Mulching has the potential to improve soil structure, when material is incorporated into the topsoil horizons. The addition of organic material into the topsoil improves moisture and nutrient retention, as well as improving the water holding capacity of the soil and rates of water uptake. Keeping material on site also removes transport impact of moving arisings to a green waste facility and the onward transport to the end user.

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