Stock Fencing

Legacy Habitat Management are a leading installer of stock fencing nationwide, in all environments and across all terrains. We have the expertise, knowledge and experience to install stock fencing quickly and efficiently to provide a highly effective stock proof barrier.

Our speciality lends itself to large contract fencing projects such as pipeline installations, road builds, developments and agricultural. We can manage the logistics of installing fencing, transporting materials, equipment and manpower over large distances, and across a variety of landscapes. Stock fencing may also be a necessary element of a newt fencing project to keep cattle away from the newt fencing.

Our expertise and skill base enables us to cover all aspects of a large contract fence installation project, in most cases, from line clearing and ground re-profiling to the provision and installation of public access ways and cattle gates.

We operate a wide range of well maintained equipment for the installation of stock fencing in most environments. All of our ground staff are CSCS certificated and we have trained plant operators, chainsaw operators and emergency first aiders.

Worksafe Contractor
Contractors Health & Safety Assessment
Construction Skills Certification Scheme