Grassland & Wildflower Meadow Management

With over 25 years’ experience of habitat improvement works in the ecology sector, we are fully experienced in delivering large scale planting, seeding and meadow enhancement schemes to improve species diversity. We can help you to satisfy the conditions of your bio-diversity management plan.

We offer a number of meadow management services to create new grassland or wildflower meadow, enhance, reinstate or translocate existing habitats.

Native seed sowing can be delivered using our Amazone Catros 3003 Cultivator with Sumo Seeding Unit. This equipment can be driven by standard tractor or combined with our brand new Softrak 75 low ground pressure ATV, making it the ideal choice for accessing grounds with sensitive or fragile substrates, and/or SSSI sites where a low impact approach is paramount. Non-mechanised seed sowing may also be applicable in sensitive locations.

Native species plug planting can be offered where chances of seed germination might be compromised or where spot application of a particular species is required to improve coverage or biodiversity of an existing grassland habitat.

Grassland or wildflower turf translocation can help to ensure that new meadow features reflect the existing local flora and contamination from alien species is minimised. Our skilled machine operators and specialist equipment ensure that donor turves are cut to the correct depth, ensuring that root zones and protective layers of soil are maintained.

Wildflower turf setting can also be beneficial for the speed at which results can be seen. This makes it ideal for use on new build housing plots where build times are short and instant aesthetic results are required.

We also undertake seasonal grassland cutting that helps to maintain a healthy, species rich meadow landscape.

Our machine operators all hold relevant plant certificates and have a wealth of experience of working in sensitive environments where the presence of protected flora and fauna must be considered.

We work closely with ecologists, planners & developers on design detail and methodology for any meadow creation or enhancement project. Our expertise helps to ensure successful consolidation of plants to create species rich wildlife landscapes.

Grassland & Wildflower Meadow Background

Wildflower & grassland meadows offer hugely important plant diversity, attracting insects & other invertebrates. These in turn provide vital food web components for other species. Successful wildlife meadows are the foundation for a bio-diverse environment and possibly even all life on earth.

Creating more native wildflower meadow and grassland has never been more important to address declining insect populations and the impact that has on other fauna species. With Biodiversity Net Gain now forming a compulsory element of the Environment Bill, future developments will have to consider a sites value to wildlife, ensuring that positive biodiversity gains are realised post development. Investing in the creation native wildlife meadow or enhancing existing wildlife habitat assets can make a huge difference and create measurable species diversity wins to satisfy Biodiversity Net Gain Management Plans.


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