Reptile Fencing

Legacy Habitat Management offer professionally installed reptile fencing solutions to provide protection for adders, smooth snakes, slow worms and other protected reptile species.

We have worked with a wide range of clients and ecologists, and have a proven track record of installing reptile fencing systems on industrial sites, quarries, road build projects, pipeline corridors, brown field sites and other applications where reptile protection is necessary for the completion of a development project. Where Adders are concerned there may also be issues of public safety to consider due to their venomous bite. Snake fencing can provide protection around children’s nurseries, play areas and other areas where human interaction may present a hazard.

We operate a wide range of custom designed installation equipment, allowing us to install reptile fencing in all ground conditions, quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining a sensitive approach to other flora and fauna.

We can offer design solutions for all your reptile fencing projects and can advise on the best products and installation methods so that trapping and surveying periods are maximised. We will also provide solutions and materials for reptile proof road crossings and access gates, bitumen tile refugia, solutions for installing on hard ground coverings, and other site specific design requirements.

All work is carried out subject to consultation with ecologists and guidelines recommended by Natural England.

Reptile Fencing Background

Although a population of rabbits can help maintain a balanced plant diversity, they can also be considered a pest and can cause substantial damage to crops, flora, business and infrastructure.

Under Section One of the Pests Act 1954, an order has been made to declare England and Wales (with few exceptions) a rabbit clearance area. This requires that landowners are responsible for controlling rabbit populations where they are considered to be causing a nuisance.

Reptile Fencing

The UK has six native species of reptile. Grass snakes (Natrix natrix), smooth snakes (Coronella austrica), slow worms (Anguis fragilis), Adders (Viper berus), sand lizards (Lacerta agilis) and common lizard (Lacerta vivipara) are all found throughout England and Wales, and are particularly abundant in the south of England where they are attracted to slightly warmer climates.

In England, they are afforded protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This protection is in place to help counter the decline of these species by making it an offence to intentionally kill or harm them. The act also provides extra protection to the smooth snake and the sand lizard, these being the more rare of these species, by making it an offence to capture, handle, possess or disturb them, or interfere, damage or destroy their breeding sites or resting places.

Reptile Fencing Installation Options

Legacy Habitat Management offer a number of reptile fencing solutions to help protect against the loss of reptiles and their habitats allowing developers to progress a project legally and with minimum disruption. We can offer a number of products for reptile protection fencing, offering different levels of protection and service from our range of Caudon® Reptile Fencing Systems:

We also produce taller fencing materials in all of the above same levels of protection specifically designed for the mitigation of Adders.

For further information and technical specification, please visit our Caudon product pages.

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