Badger Fencing

Legacy Habitat Management Ltd supply and install badger exclusion fencing, badger gates and artificial badger setts to our customers' specifications on road schemes, development sites and housing projects. Legacy Habitat Management are also experienced in carrying out licenced badger sett closure works where development necessitates the relocation of badger habitat.

Avoid costly project delays by getting your Badger Exclusion Fencing right first time. Legacy Habitat Management works closely with developers and consultants to ensure that badger exclusion fencing, badger gates and badger sett constructions are correctly sited and installed. Legacy Habitat Management uses fencing products compliant with current English Nature and Highways Agency recommended specifications.

Badger Fencing Background

The Protection of Badgers Act 1992 states that it is illegal to kill, injure or take, or attempt to kill, injure or take, a badger (Meles Meles).

Although this act is intended to protect badgers from unlawful activities such as badger baiting, it can have consequences for any development projects in the vicinity of badger habitat. With careful planning we can minimise impact to your project by installing cost effective badger proof systems to ensure that any works do not interfere with or contravene the Act. A badger fencing installation may also form part of a licensed badger relocation project.

Badgers are notoriously destructive creatures and can be a menace to livestock, or damage property and gardens. A correctly installed badger proof barrier can keep badgers out of specific areas, for safety reasons, to protect property, or for the protection of the badgers themselves.

Badger Fencing

Badger fencing can be tailored to your needs or to suit the requirements of your development project. We use quality products designed for purpose, and all wires and netting materials conform to Highways Agency specifications.

A badger fence consists of a wire mesh designed specifically to prevent penetration by badgers. This badger proof wire mesh is usually fixed to a post and rail fence but in smaller applications the badger fencing wire mesh can be tensioned and attached to strainer posts, with additional support provided by intermediate posts.

The badger fencing wire mesh should also be installed with a buried horizontal return to prevent badgers from burrowing under the badger fencing.

Electric fence systems can also be used to exclude badgers and can be a cost effective solution. These fall in to two main types, strained wire electric fences and electric netting fencing . The strained wire type can either be a series of parallel electrified HT galvanised steel wires mounted on insulated posts or a proprietary product such as Gallagher High Tensile System which gives superior conductivity through the addition of aluminium to the HT steel core. This fencing can be battery or mains powered.

Badger Gates

Badger gates can be installed in the badger proof fence where the fence crosses badger foraging paths, these can be set to allow two way access through the badger fencing or set so that access is only possible in one direction where badgers are to be excluded from a certain area. Badger gates can also be installed in other types of fencing, such as rabbit fencingstock fencing etc where these cross badger tracks. Badgers are known to stick to known paths and will attempt to destroy any structures that are put in its way, badgers gates can therefore provide a means of keeping a path open and safeguard the surrounding structure.

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