Badger Gates

The Caudon® Badger Gate has been developed to provide the toughest, most effective and versatile badger gate available on the market.

The all galvanised steel construction will resist the most determined of badgers, creatures that are known to be notoriously destructive. Our experience has shown that wooden badgers gates are easily destroyed by badgers, rendering them ineffective. The durable nature of the Caudon® badger gate also means that it can be used many times for different projects.

The Caudon® badger gate consists of a galvanised steel frame with pointed side legs and a strong box section top bar to enable them to be hammered into the ground.

A two-way swinging gate provides the access aperture for the badgers. This comes with a ‘lock-down’ bar that enables the gate to be fixed in a one-way position, or totally fixed so that it doesn’t open in either direction.

The Caudon badger gate frame includes a large number of pre-drilled fixing holes, this allows for the easy fixing of badger netting, or badger-proof ground coverings.


Material: Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel

Weight: 9kg (approx)

Overall height: 805.0mm

Overall width: 420.0mm

Gate aperture height: 260.0mm

Gate aperture width: 225.0mm

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Badger Gate
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