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Wildlife Fencing Products - Legacy Habitat Management supply a large range of Wildlife Fencing Materials trading under the name of

Wildlife Mitigation Products

Wildlife Mitigation Products

Electric Fencing Products

Electric Fencing Products is the first dedicated online retailer for wildlife mitigation products and wildlife fencing materials. We can provide all the materials for your newt fencing, badger fencing, water vole fencing projects and other fencing materials, now including electric fencing, in wholesale or smaller quantities. was set up to meet the demands of an ever growing market for wildlife fencing materials and provides quality fencing products to both the public and private sectors. We only supply quality and cost effective products to enable you to carry out your projects efficiently whilst meeting project budget restraints. We understand the often short time scales involved in wildlife mitigation projects as a result of the licensing processes and can therefore offer next day delivery for all our products to any address in the country, whether this be your office location or a remote field in the middle of nowhere.

Years of experience in this market, both as contractor and materials supplier has enabled us to develop our own range of products under the highly successful Caudon® range of specialist wildlife fencing systems. We have utilised our own experience, feedback from customers and consultant ecologists to provide a range of different levels of newt fencing depending on environmental conditions and budget requirements, a water vole fencing system, badger gates and other products for use on ecological mitigation projects. We are also constantly developing these products to improve their functionality, environmental sustainability and cost, and looking at developing new products.

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