Biodiversity Net Gain

Legacy Habitat Management Ltd draw on their experience of creating, enhancing and managing wildlife habitats to help implement Biodiversity Net Gain management plans for developers and landowners, ensuring that required local planning conditions are met.

Since the 1990’s Legacy Habitat Management Ltd has worked with developers and landowners to create, enhance and manage wildlife habitats nationwide. With a reputation for competence, experience, and ease of working with, you can be confident talking to us about biodiversity net gain management plans involving:

Moving forward, the planning process will see an ever-increasing focus on biodiversity, with natural habitat net gains becoming a condition to be met. Planning consents, now and in the future, will demand that habitat be improved, whether this is available on site or has to be acquired from elsewhere. Local Authorities will require biodiversity management plans which detail the net improvements to be achieved, how this will be delivered and be safeguarded for the long-term through good management, measurable year to year.

Whether you are a developer, landowner, ecologist, or land bank, speak to us about concepts, options, costs and how land is best managed in perpetuity.


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