Water Vole Fencing

Legacy Habitat Management are a leading installer and supplier of water vole fencing systems. Our experienced and trained team can offer professional and cost effective water vole fencing services UK-wide.

Legacy Habitat Management have worked with a wide range of clients and ecologists, and have a proven track record of constructing water vole fencing installations on industrial sites, quarries, road build projects, housing projects, brown field sites and many other applications.

We operate a wide range of custom designed installation equipment, allowing us to install water vole fencing in all ground conditions, quickly and efficiently, whilst maintaining a sensitive approach to other flora and fauna.

Our expertise has enabled us to develop the Caudon® water vole fencing system, an effective & durable water vole fencing solution made from post-consumer materials. Installation designs can incorporate water vole proof ditch crossings to allow the equalisation of water levels in and out of a water vole enclosure. We are also able to install water vole fencing in inaccessible areas using our specialist trenching equipment.

All work is carried out in accordance to any relevant licensing and we will work closely with you to ensure that all aspects of the work meet the requirements of a water vole mitigation project.

Water Vole Fencing Background

Water voles (Arvicola terrestris) have declined in numbers dramatically since the early 1900’s and are currently thought to be declining at a rapid rate. Much of this decline can be attributed to the American Mink, an aggressive predator of the vole, and also to the loss of habitat, due to intensive farming and poor management of water bodies; both have had a major effect.

Water voles were afforded full protection in 2008 under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This makes it an offence to deliberately capture, injure or kill them or to damage, destroy or obstruct their breeding or resting places.

The presence of water voles or water vole habitat on, or near to a development site may necessitate appropriate action be taken to mitigate or protect against loss.

Water Vole Fencing Installations

Caudon® water vole fencing, installed and supplied by Legacy Habitat Management, will provide an effective fence, impermeable to water voles. This can be installed as a barrier around an existing water vole habitat to prevent them from accessing a development site, or as means of creating a safe enclosure to which they can be translocated in the event of unavoidable habitat loss. All works of this nature must be carried out under the guidance of a trained ecologist and in accordance to relevant licensing.

Caudon® water vole fencing is manufactured from 3mm thick, UV stabilised HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) panels and provides a high degree of security against penetration by other rodents and small mammals, as well as water voles.

Legacy Habitat Management can provide a complete service, including: vegetation clearance, ground re-profiling and water vole ditch creation, all of which may be a necessary part of a water vole mitigation project.

For further information and technical specification about the Caudon® water vole system, please visit our Caudon® product pages.

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