Water Vole Fencing

Caudon® Water Vole Fencing has been designed in consultation with ecologists, providing a high quality barrier fencing systems to prevent the movement of water voles or contain them within a receptor area.

Caudon® Water Vole Fencing is 'plastic panel' type fencing system designed to contain water voles or other small mammals and rodents. It’s all plastic construction has great 'anti-climb' properties. Materials are UV stabilised to help protect against degradation due to sun exposure and are manufactured from post-consumer or recycled material.

Caudon® Water Vole Panels will also exclude amphibians & reptiles if your mitigation project requires this consideration. This helps to eliminate the need for extra amphibian & reptile fencing.

Caudon® Water Vole Fencing

Caudon® Water Vole Fencing is manufactured from 3mm thick UV stabilised HDPE. This material is suitable for installation for 15 years +. The height of the material is sufficient to allow enough material to be buried in the ground to prevent water voles from burying underneath, whilst leaving enough height above ground to prevent water voles and other small mammals breeching over the top.

Caudon® Water Vole Fencing Specifications

Material: HDPE

Thickness: 3mm

Height: 1700mm

Length: 1560m

To complete the system, use with:

75mm x 2100mm round wooden stakes

Screws or Nails

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Caudon® Water Vole Fencing
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