Fencing Systems

Caudon® Fencing has been produced by Legacy Habitat Management in response to the demand for high quality wildlife fencing systems that stand the test of time and provide secure and cost effective wildlife fencing barriers.

Reptile & Amphibian Fencing Systems

Reptile & Amphibian Fencing Systems

Grass Snake Fencing

Grass Snake Fencings

Water Vole Fencing

Water Vole Fencing

We have worked closely with ecologists to come up with mitigation fence materials and specifications that are suitable and provide the best chance for mitigation against the species for which they are designed. The fencing consists of plastic panels or roll material that are installed in an upright position with a portion buried in a trench cut in the ground and supported above ground by timber stakes where necessary.

Panels incorporate a top-fold either preformed into the panel or scored so that the installer can create this themselves. This ensures that the appropriate fencing systems conform to the Natural England Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines. Both Caudon® Grass Snake Fencing & Caudon® Water Vole Fencing can serve as amphibian & reptile fencing if mitigation against multiple species is required. Caudon® Water Vole Fencinghas no top-fold as the height of the panel negates the need for one, for great crested newts and other small amphibians & reptiles.

Where possible, panels also have the option to create an underground return. This installation method is preferred by some ecologists to provide extra protection against some species from burying under the fence.

Different levels of protection are provided depending on budget restraints, longevity in the ground and risk of exposure to vandalism or human & site traffic.

Use the table below to help decide which is the best Caudon® Fencing system for your project:

  Caudon® Amphibian & Reptile Fencing Caudon® Grass Snake Fencing Caudon® Water Vole Fencing
Height above ground (mm) 550 750 1000
Level Temp Semi-perm Perm Steel Temp Semi-perm Perm Steel Perm
Material Polythene HDPE HDPE Galvanised Steel Polythene HDPE HDPE Galvanised Steel HDPE
Thickness 1000 gauge 1mm 4mm 1.5mm 1000 gauge 1mm 4mm 1.5mm 3mm
Lifespan (years) 0-2 0-5 0-15 20+ 0-2 0-5 0-15 20+ 15+
Protection against vandalism, human or site traffic Low Med High V-high Low Med High V-High High
Great Crested Newt          
Smooth Newt          
Common Lizard          
Sand Lizard          
Slow Worm          
Common Toad          
Natter Jack Toad          
Grass Snake          
Water Vole                
Stakes Sizes (mm) 37x37x1200 37x37x1200 50x50x1000 NoneReq 37x37x1200 37x37x1200 50x50x1000 NoneReq 75x2100(Round)
Fixings Screws/Nails & Washers Screws/Nails & Washers Screws/ Nails Rivets Screws/Nails & Washers Screws/Nails & Washers Screws/ Nails Rivets Screws/ Nails
Worksafe Contractor
Contractors Health & Safety Assessment
Construction Skills Certification Scheme