Softrak Hire

Softrak 75 Low Ground Pressure Vehicle available for hire (operated), fitted with hammer flail harvester head and collector bin. Ideal for working in sensitive environments.

Our Softrak 75 with flail harvester is available for hire with a fully trained & experienced operator. This highly versatile machine with its wide track footprint and very low ground pressure is able to manoeuvre across sensitive soils and flora such as on moorlands, wetlands and meadow environments with minimal impact on ground substrates. Fitted with a hammer flail harvester attachment, this is the perfect machine for managing heather, gorse and phragmites, moorland firebreak cutting, molinia grassland management, bracken reduction & harvesting and wetland habitat restoration. With this equipment, we can help you to deliver your biodiversity management plan requirements whilst preserving the integrity of existing flora species and soils.

With environmental concerns over moorland heather burning and this practice being banned in some areas, our Softrak offers a cleaner less impacting alternative. Cutting with its flail harvester head can reduce heather coverings allowing it to rejuvenate the fresh green shoots required for grouse and livestock grazing, whilst avoiding damage to sensitive mosses and other blanket bog vegetation, therefore helping to maintain biodiversity.

The 8 cubic metre tipping harvesting collection bin ensures that arisings can be removed from site or transported away from cutting area as required. Both the flail harvesting head and collection bin can also be removed so that the softrak can be used for transporting, tools, equipment, or materials across or onto sensitive terrains. The 75hp Deutz engine fitted to the Softrak complies with all the latest emission regulations and is known for its reliability and low fuel consumption. The unique track design not only has a large width to reduce ground pressure but is flexible across its width. This allows the track to flex on turning instead of shearing off tussock vegetation again helping to maintain the integrity of the ground coverings.

The whole machine can be transported to your site by flatbed van & trailer driven by our operator, enabling us to respond quickly to your requirements and cutting down the need for low-loader transport, and therefore expensive haulage costs.

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