Wildlife Mitigation Products

At www.wildlifefencing.co.uk we can supply all of the materials necessary for a wildlife mitigation project in wholesale or smaller quantities

Our many years of experience in the wildlife mitigation sector enables us to provide the best products and develop our own under the Caudon brand. www.wildlifefencing.co.uk can deliver products of any quantity by one of our distributors to your depot or contract location next day.

Our product range provides mitigation solutions for many types of protected species or other wildlife species whose movements require management:

Systems for temporary or permanent fencing are available and we can tailor products to your needs. We can supply all of the neccessary componants for any set up, including trapping and refugia products on a next day delivery as well as the neccessary tools and equipment to help you install and maintain your fence:

Give us a call on 0114 261 9478 to discuss your wildlife mitigation requirements, one of our staff will be happy to help you select the correct products for your project. Alternatively, click through to our retail website at www.wildlifefencing.co.uk where you will find the full range of products including those from our Caudon range.

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