Rabbit Fencing

Legacy Habitat Management offers installation services for large or small scale rabbit fencing projects. Scale of operation is not an issue here, we can install kilometres of rabbit fencing for land owners, farmers and developers alike.

Legacy Habitat Management provide a professional service with highly experienced fence installation staff. We also have a wide range of equipment and machinery at our disposal to tailor installation methods to ground conditions, access and contract requirements.

Rabbit Fencing Background

Although a population of rabbits can help maintain a balanced plant diversity, they can also be considered a pest and can cause substantial damage to crops, flora, business and infrastructure.

Under Section One of the Pests Act 1954, an order has been made to declare England and Wales (with few exceptions) a rabbit clearance area. This requires that landowners are responsible for controlling rabbit populations where they are considered to be causing a nuisance.

Rabbit Fencing

Professionally installed rabbit proof fencing can be an effective defence against rabbits venturing into areas where they might cause destruction.

Legacy Habitat Management are experienced in installing rabbit fencing on a large scale whether this be in long straight runs across agricultural land or more complex land forms.

A rabbit fence comprises a hexagonal galvanised wire mesh designed to resist rabbits. The aperture size of the mesh is crucial here, young rabbits are able to squeeze through very small holes. This can be attached to an existing fence structure or hung from a post and tensioned wire fence. The netting should then be positioned such that there is a portion of the netting forming a horizontal return pinned to the ground using our Caudon® High Tensile Steel Pegs. This prevents rabbits from digging along the fence line and breeching the fence underneath.

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