Contract Chipping Services

Legacy Habitat Management Ltd can undertake large contract wood chipping services with a range of equipment at our disposal to suit all site conditions. We are able to offer chipping services as part of a larger tree felling or site vegetation removal works. We will also happily provide our chipping services to finalise your own felling, clearance projects.

We have the capabilities to perform whole tree chipping or removed vegetation and scrub material.

Our Mercedes Unimog, fitted with chip collection box, and brand new towable contract Heizomat wood chipper provides an all-in-one unit that can be transported nationwide. This machine is fitted with a hydraulic assist input roller making it ideal for chipping of scrub and tree crowns. These can be put in whole with the input roller crushing down to the size of the chipper input chute.

This machine will also produce chip G30 or G50 chip suitable for transportation to biomass fuel facilities.

We also have access to other chipping machines that can work in a range of different environments such as small tracked chippers that can operate in tight working spaces or on steep banks and uneven ground.

Legacy Habitat Management operate an experienced team with trained chipper operatives and excavator drivers for machine loading of chipper.

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