Pipeline Fencing

Legacy Habitat Management specialise in large scale fencing projects such as amphibian exclusion fencing , stock fencing and demarcation fencing on pipeline corridors and infrastructure projects.

Legacy Habitat Management has developed installation methods and logistics enabling us to quickly erect fencing systems over large distances where cost and speed are of paramount importance.

Our specialist team blend experience and expertise where there may be combinations of newt fencing, stock-proof barrier and demarcation fence to deliver cost effective and timely pipeline easement works.

Twenty years experience of project management ensures that time lines are adhered to. From supply chain management, access, enabling works and fence installation, to the logistics of transporting materials, machinery and personnel over large expanses of open countryside, we have the expertise to provide a complete service.

Other features that may be required, such as access gates for site plant, re-alignment of public rights of way, ditch and hedgerow crossings can be custom designed at the project outset.

We have worked with a wide range of clients such as Laing O'Rourke, Balfour Beatty, United Utilities, EDF, Volker Fitzpatrick.

On the Hardwick to Marsh Gibbons National Grid high-pressure gas mains pipeline installation for Laing O'Rouke, in 6 weeks we installed 80km of combined temporary amphibian fencing, stock fencing, horse fencing and demarcation fencing along the pipeline corridor, later removing and recycling the newt fencing on project completion.

At Oswestry for Balfour Beatty (contracted to United Utilities), combined stock proof fencing and newt fencing was installed at sites across agricultural land to enable relining works of a cast iron mains water pipe.

Legacy Habitat Management adheres to strict health and safety guidelines and all work is completed in accordance to appropriate method statements and risk assessments. We will work closely with you or your client to ensure that our working methods meet your requirements for health and safety.

Background to Pipeline Fencing

Pipeline easement fencing usually refers to a temporary fencing structure that marks the boundary where land agreements have been made, allowing utilities or service network owners to progress with works to install, upgrade or maintain service infrastructure, such as:

As services often cross open countryside or agricultural land, a pipeline easement boundary fence may also double as a stock-proof fence, equine fence or other form of barrier. It may also have to include a wildlife proof barrier such as newt fencing where there is a risk of great crested newts, or similar protected species entering the pipeline corridor and exposing themselves to risk from site operations.

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