Reptile & Amphibian Accessories

Caudon® produce a number of accessories for amphibian and reptile mitigation projects. These are designed to form part of an amphibian or reptile fencing system or to work in conjunction alongside.

Legacy Habitat Management have worked with a wide range of clients and ecologists, and have a proven track record of constructing water vole fencing installations on industrial sites, quarries, road build projects, housing projects, brown field sites and many other applications.

Caudon® Washers

Caudon® washers are manufactured from polypropylene and are designed to be used with screws or nails when fixing Caudon® Temporary or Semi-permanent Amphibian & Reptile Fencing to the wooden stakes. The washers provide a greater surface area for the head of the screw to prevent this from pulling through the fencing material.

Caudon® Washers Specifications

Material: Polypropylene

Thickness: 1mm

Diameter: 22mm

Centre Hole Size: 1mm

Pack size: 500

Diagram of Caudon® Washers in use with Caudon® Temporary Amphibian & Reptile Fencing

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Caudon® Washers
Caudon® Fencing Washers

Caudon® Clips

The Caudon® Clip has been designed specifically for use with our Caudon® Semi-permanentAmphibian & Reptile Fencing. It provides a cost effective simple solution for holding the top-fold in position. The spring clip section of the Caudon® Clip is slipped onto the pre-scored top-fold section of the semi-permanent newt fence panel, folded down and then screwed to the wooden stake using the holes provided in the clip.

Caudon® Clip Specifications

Material: Polypropylene

Height: 75mm

Depth: 57mm

Width: 35mm

Diagram of the Caudon® Clip in use, showing how it is attached to the Caudon® Semi-permanent Amphibian & Reptile Fencingpanel and the wooden stake.

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Caudon® Clips
Caudon® Fencing Clip

Caudon® Permanent 90° Corner

A pre-formed 90° corner piece designed to aid the construction of a right-angle corner in a Caudon® Permanent Reptile & Amphibian or Water Vole Fencing system. At 1600mm in length, one corner piece is enough for 2 Caudon® Permanent Amphibian & Reptile Fencing corners or one Caudon® Water Vole Fencing corner. Lengths can easily be cut with a saw.

Caudon® Permanent 90°° Corner Specifications

Material: HDPE

Thickness: 4mm

Length: 1600mm

Depth: 100mm

Width: 100mm

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Caudon® Permanent Corner

Caudon® Waterproof UV Repair Tape

This polyethylene transparent tape has been designed to repair rips & tears in your temporary polythene newt fence. The tape is UV stabilised and age resistant for up to 2 years, and has excellent adhesive properties in all weathers. Other tapes such as duct tape have proven to not adhere well to polythene and not withstand exposure to the great British weather.

Caudon® Waterproof UV Repair Tape Specifications

Material: Polyethylene

Roll Length: 33mmm

Width: 50 & 100mm

Available in 2 widths: 50mm & 100mm

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Caudon® Repair Tape

Caudon® Newt Grid

The Caudon Newt Grid has been designed to enable the creation of amphibian and reptile proof access routes through newt fence barriers, without compromising the fence’s integrity.

The Caudon Newt Grid works by creating a channel across the road or byway that newt trying to cross, or following the fence-line, enter the channel and can only exit at each end on the ‘newt side’ of the fence.

The newt grid is suitable for use on construction site routes or other unregistered roads and when set into a concrete foundation can be made fully weight bearing to accommodate most site traffic and plant.

For a highways specification newt grid, please refer to the ACO Stop Channel.

Caudon® Newt Grid Specifications

Caudon Newt Grids can be manufactured in any length to suit your requirements.

Height: 150mm

Width: 255mm

Channel Gap (Top Face): 75mm

Caudon® Newt Grid
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