Wildlife Kerb

The Wildlife Kerb is a kerb unit designed to provide a safe route around road gullies for amphibians on the move

ACO Wildlife Kerb
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Amphibians naturally proceed along any vertical barrier they meet. In a road situation, this is a kerb line where it meets the road surface. When they encounter a gully pot where there is no gap between it and the vertical kerb face, they often fall in. Features and benefits include:

The Wildlife Kerb is designed to counter this problem by providing a “bypass pocket” set into the kerb. When installed it is positioned so that the gully is in the middle of the Wildlife Kerb. Then when an amphibian arrives at the “bypass pocket” it naturally moves into the kerb and safely passes the gully. The Wildlife kerb is manufactured from Vienite, ACO’s high strength recycled material. Recommended applications include:

ACO Wildlife Kerb Detail

ACO Wildlife Kerb With Drain Detail

ACO Wildlife Kerb is designed to replace a standard HB2 kerb unit and provides a safe passage for amphibians around road gullies and drainage openings.

Amphibians will naturally follow any vertical barrier they meet such as a roadside kerb stone, potentially directing them towards drainage gullies or openings.

A recent study by Perth & Kinross Council Countryside Ranger Service conducted over 2 years has shown that between 60-70% of drain gully pots checked contained dead wildlife, the majority being amphibians. The ACO Wildlife Kerb incorporates a recessed channel at road level to allow amphibians to naturally navigate safely around such hazards as they proceed to follow the 'vertical wall'. The wildlife kerb is manufactured from Vienite, an extremely tough recycled polymer concrete.

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